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Innovation is one of the most important subject according to the global brands. Innovation is the key to success.



Every sector and brand has its own internal dynamics. Developing special strategies is one of the most important criteria for success.



Determining your brand's needs is important for developing optimal solutions. A good analysis should be done for the original and unique solutions.

Landing Page (One Page)

These are the websites designed to fit your audience and purpose and include less details. You can usually publish freelance work on such sites and use them as a portfolio. Also, small businesses prefer these types of websites because their prices are affordable.

Business / Corporate Website

You can describe your company better with a website containing multiple pages and are suitable to your brand and cultural tradition. Our prices vary according to your requirements.

E-commerce Website

These are the websites that allows you to buy or sell any product or service, with various payment methods. E-commerce websites vary according to parameters such as product quantity, product variety.

Custom Design Website

Do you have a particular brand culture or a very specific group of products? If you want your website to reflect all of these, you should opt for websites designed to the very finest detail. Custom design websites contain more detailed work and are more costly.


International SEO

SEO is a digital marketing technique that expands your customer portfolio and increases your brand’s awareness by enabling you to rank higher in search engines. With the help of our international SEO service, you can improve your target audience, increase your sales and grow your business.

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Digital Advertising Management

By managing your brand’s advertising campaigns on different digital and social platforms, we can grow your target audience and make your business evolve. We also provide social media account management services in English and Russian according to our clients’ requests. Please contact us for our prices.

Promote Your Brand or Products with Animations and Visual Designs

One of the most important methods that brands use to represent themselves and their products today is animated graphic art.

There are two basic elements that make animated graphic art so popular. The first is that the masses now pay more attention to visuality and the second is that the cost of advertising videos is higher and the cost of animated graphic arts is more affordable.

Visualize Your Imagination with VFX (Visual Effect)!

Please contact us as our prices will change in line with your requests.


Digital Localization

There are billions of internet users in the world. According to the statistics gathered in 2017, the number of people using the internet worldwide has exceeded 4 billion. One of the most effective ways of delivering your product to the different people in the world through internet is to use localization in your services and products.

Localization helps to overcome cultural barriers and meet the needs of your customers from different cultures. Localization is not a simple task, but it is not as complicated as you might think. Localization means reaching people through their cultures and needs. The easiest way to reach people from different cultures and communities is digital localization.

Website Localization

It is a must that you have a multi-lingual website to get into different markets or establish an international corporate identity. It is not enough just to translate your content into another language, and it should also be able to adequately reflect cultural differences. We offer professional localization services in English, Russian and Turkish languages.

Video Game and Mobile Application Localization

If you want to launch your game or mobile application in a new territory or country, game and mobile application localization is essential to increase your sales. Nowadays most users want to see their mother language in games and applications. One of the most important considerations in localization is to consider the cultural differences and characteristics of the region or country. We provide you with the expertise to maximize the user experience of your customers.



Superior Efficiency on All Platforms

Our team of experts provides you with tailor-made strategies for up-to-date platforms and allows you to be represented in accordance with your brand culture in these platforms. We help you to improve your target audience and increase your sales by producing quality content within the framework of the specified strategies and roadmap.